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Product & Services

Basic Company Information

Basic Fees
  • Graphic Design: $125/hr

  • Studio Shoot: $45/half hour

  • Post Production: $125/hr

  • Digital Photography: $75/hr

  • Digital Video: $125/hr

  • On Location: ($250 minimum)

  • Podcast Recording: $350/30 min. episode

Sponsor and Sales Downloads


Girt Enterprises Samples Links

Girt Enterprises Services Scripts
  • FORWARD Podcast LIVE Recording service script

  • FORWARD TV LIVE Recording for church services script

  • Girt TV Network On-Demand video service for church services script

  • Girt TV Network Commercial On-Demand video service for businesses script

Girt Speaks Scripts
  • Community Conversations TV Guest script

  • Girt Speaks Presentation script

  • Girt Speaks Consulting script

Girt TV Network Links